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In today's scenario there is no digital form of Village level asset Information. Although there are several individual databases for all the Departments, there is no integrity between the Departments and data, and also there is no link up with GIS, so as to enable good decision support.

It is desirous to implement a centralized database of rural assets, which is GIS enabled; to help and improve Infrastructure at Village level by conducting baseline survey and providing required facilities information to the departments and Social and economic conditions of the poor by collecting the household data qualitatively to shortlist the families (to assess the livelihood needs etc.,) and providing such information to the respective departments for potential benefits also to help in monitoring progress on the shortlisted families by collecting field level real-time data with date and timestampimages through mobile application for enabling faster decision making and better e-Governance. Recycle the entire process at regular interval including collection of public opinion to monitor the progress.

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