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Kisan Point is introduced with a view to provide farmers an e-trading platform. Farmers can sell/buy/lease their farms, crops, manures, cattle, farming equipment etc. With an ease of a click using their mobile phones farmers can sell/buy farming related goods/equipment directly from their villages/farms. This e-platform will act like a bridge between the farmers and the merchants. Other farmers can also buy/sell from their fellow farmers.

Farmers can sell their crops to merchants, sell seeds, plants and manure to other farmers in need. Farmers and Merchants can easily search for what they are looking at, identify the places of availability, price and buy them easily. This mobile and electronic platform will eliminate the need of a middlemen for farming community. This E-Platform will eliminate the middlemen and arrange facilities for the farmers to sell/Buy their own agricultural products directly.

The marketing system for farmers is now in the hands of middlemen. Middlemen exist at various levels between the farmers and merchants and between farmers and consumers. These middlemen exploit through malpractices in weighing, handling and payments. Large number of small farmers are unable to effectively bargain for better price in the wholesale market.

Inefficiencies in the wholesale markets result in a long chain of intermediaries, multiple handling, loss of quality and increase the gap between the producer and consumer prices. This farmers market place platform will allow the farmers to sell their produce at better margins.

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