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Software Development
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Software Development :
NGIT provides Software Development services for any web based application in the domain of mobile application development, internet and social media, ecommerce etc. NGIT can provide quality software due to less operational costs. NGIT quality software comes from less attrition and green – productive environment created in rural areas. NGIT engineers do not spend a lot of time in traffic and pollution which is converted into a productive environment.

Software Development services include the following steps:

1.  Client meetings to sign off Requirements (MRD).
2. Preparation of Design Document based on MRD and Client Requirements.
3.  Review and Sign off of Design Document.
4.  Coding.
5.  Code Reviews.
6.  Component Test Plan Document Preperation.
7.  Component Test Execution and Results Formulation.
8.  Redesign and Re-code based on the Reviews and Component Test Execution Results.
9.  Submission of Software to the Client.
10.  Training on how to use the Software.
11.  Free Maintenance for 1 year on the Software Developed.

NGIT highly productive green resources from rural town are well versed with the following technologies:

Development Tools / Languages : Java/JSP/JQuery/JS/PHP/HTML/Android Mobile Application Development

Platforms : CentOS, Android

BackEnd Database : MySQL, Oracle

Web Servers : Apache Tomcat

Version Control : CVS
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