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Software Testing
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Software Testing :
Most organizations spend a lot of time in testing the software developed in a very un-productive way. The testing team is idle when development is going on and may not be cost effective to keep 2 teams for the organization. Also software tested by a external team tends to have more viability and rigorous. The software quality and look and feel will be better if tested by external teams. Because of these reasons, large software organizations outsource testing to companies like NGIT. NGIT specializes in testing web based applications. All aspects of testing is covered and a thorough testing report is provided back to clients. The following tasks are involved in NGIT testing process.

1. Client Meeting on Testing Requirements
2. Reading and Understanding of MRD and Design Documents
3. Preperation of System Test Plan Document
4. Review of System Test Plan Document
5. Automated Validation Testing using tools like Selenium and Tabulation of Results
6. Manual Functional Test Execution and Tabulation of Results
7. Cross Browser Testing: Testing in all commercially available browsers and different versions to check compatibility issues
8. Cross Platform Testing : Testing on all viable devices like desktops, tablets, mobiles etc
9. Performance Testing using JMeter, YSlow, GTMetrix etc and Tabulation of Results
10. Basic SEO testing for proper Titles, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Duplicate Titles and Meta Tags etc
11. Submission of Test Results and Reports
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